By Alejandro Vidalcal Jul 10, 2015




Autechre is an English electronic music duo consisting of Rob Brown and Sean Booth. In 1993 they released their magnificient debut album Incunabula. Their intricate and complex rhythmic patterns became a trademark of Warp Records. The 90's were a golden age for synth sounds and electronica in England. It was a big moment for it established a new sub-genre of its own called "intelligent dance muisc." Warp released a series of compilations under the title "Artificial Intelligence" where some of this new breed of musician was published. 


Garbage EP (1995) is not as well known as the other early Autechre material. Nevertheless it brings together a few tracks that were drawn out of their also intriguing Amber album. 


This perpetual loop carries a timeless, benevolent emotion but which is hued with a persistent aura of darkness. It has a tension that perfectly deals with melody and abstraction, an amazing soundtrack for a sweet ever after. Incunabula is twenty one years young now, a good anniversary and pretext to revisit their legacy. 


Early Autechre influences were close to basic hip hop and electro rhythms. This has transformed lately into a universe of digitized bleeps and beats, but which also continues to connect them to the rave scene of the early UK 90's. This particular track is like a ghostly drone, morphing into the sublime, culminating in a captivating meditative trance.