By admincal Nov 26, 2014


A life's match for many is a rarity, while for others it is practically unattainable as stars rarely align. Guys and Dolls is a 50 minute documentation escapade into the lives of four men, with their surreal fetish embracing, at a minimum, life-sized sex dolls. This film examines the relationship with their dolls, them taking on their personal conflicts of childhood, and their autism-like abilities to interact with the world; these dolls, a subjugation to the unassuming mind, is the embodiment of these individuals perverted and simultaneously exalted existentialism. 


The company producing these dolls is Abyss Creations located in California. These life-sized reality dolls offer love and companionship and are available internationally, but have found their ways predominantly to the US, Germany, Australia and the UK. Costumers can select widely varying facial and body configurations, to include nail polish, and spanning to the form and cut of the pubic hair. These dolls are prepared to be dressed up, have wigs changed and rearranged, and make-up to be laced lavishly across their silicone countenances, tailored to the patrons' fantasies. Buyers, such as these four men, largely have an emotional attachment to these dolls. Names are invented, outfits embroidered, and personal histories conceived.


As we become entangled in holiday affairs, and emotionally enmeshed in the cheer, a deep psychological departure from the norm awaits you in this revelation of alternate reality.  




Source: Youtube