By admincal May 27, 2014


A decade will be immortalized in less than a week, when Lee Adams, founder of KAOS, curates an exhibition of over 10 years worth of mind-bending art work and photography capturating the music, spirit and energy of London's most revered underground queer techno and social scene.


'Pure Morning' photographed by Krys Fox, 2013.


From its inception in 2003, KAOS embodied a party scene like no other, engendering a culture that to this day resonates with unrivaled eclectic clout.  This underground scene has spawned imagery of ascetic inversion impervious to the desolation of time to which so many others have succumbed.  And now Adams will redact a lifetime worth of memories, images and sounds generated throughout the years of KAOS in what would otherwise be a fleeting moment of design and exhibition, attented by the scene's typically incomparable pulsating, dark, electronic musical sonnets.  An amalgamation of senses, sounds, and scene that never surrendered to mental or visual atrophy will be displayed in all of its unbridled rawness and artistry, matched by its music authenticity on May 31st at The Flying Dutchman / Mori + Stein Gallery. 


Live performances will be by David Hoyle, Ernesto Sarazale, DJs Franko B, Tatu, Chadd Curry, HaLo-iS and Bradley Kaos. 


HaLo-iS photogaphed by Ema Discordant, 2013. 


Contributing artists include: Wolfgang Tillmans, Brion Gysin, Austin Osman Spare, Bruce LaBruce, Ray Caesar, Ron Athey, Franko B, Hector de Gregorio, Predrag Pajdic, Manuel Vason, Krys Fox, Ema Discordant, Magnus Arrevad, Simo Valley, Matthew Brindle, Kenny Campbell, Regis Hertrich, Mauro Cocilio, Felix Xifel, Pennie Key, Magda Bondos, Ashley Savage, Alex Binnie, Francisco Gomez de Villaboa, Mike Kear, Arcana Femina, Plastica, Ellie Angele Flory Fawcett and many more. 


KAOS 8th birthday, 2011. Photographed by Mauro Cocilio. 


Lee Adams and Chris Plumb, photographed by Gabriel Toso.


KAOS aftermath party in July, 2008. Photographed by Meerak Meinohg. 


Ron Athey, photographed by Regis Hertrich in 2009. 


The Flying Dutchman & Mori Stein Gallery

156 Wells Way, London SE5 7SY


Saturday, May 31st

Vernissage 21.30-22.30 Free entry

Exhibition party 23.00-6.00 Entry £5 in advance / £8 on the door


Advanced tickets at 


This exhibition is supported by a small grant from the Southwark LGBT Network.