By Alejandro Vidalcal May 17, 2014



Dave Summers AKA Function is known today for his techno sets at Berghain and other major clubs.  He relocated to Berlin in 2007 while he was devoted to his Sandwell District imprint.  His music career is very rich in experiences and influences.  He was a very active DJ in New York and long ago launched his own label "Infrastructure".  The label was silent for several years and now it has been relaunched with his melancholic split EP Odean/Rhyl.


His friend Ed Davenport aka Inland joined forces to deliver a beautiful dreamscape not stranger to the beats.  The A side is inspired in a Photek track titled "Under the Palms".  Synth and modulations build an epic tale that transports us into a science fiction scenario.  It can be Solaris or Blade Runner but with a latitude where we are captured by the magic of this composition. Elegant and very immersive.  Ideal for home listening or for an emotional morning dance. 


Flipside reminded me of the golden era of the british electronica. I was a huge fan of early Warp, Rephlex and Skam releases.  I was missing tracks that could effectively deliver intriguing patterns and risk in that vein.  More close to Gescom than to an Autechre feel, "Rhyl" is composed with few elements and textures.  Powerful enough to bring back good memories.  A time where music sounded more profound.  These tracks were recorded in 2011 and they now see the light to hypnotize us with a suggestive Ep.  Ideal for collectors.